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About Us

We are a group of volunteers that want to make a difference in Treasure Beach Jamaica. Our volunteers consists of Doctors, Nurses and etc. Who use our talents to serve others that don't have access to affordable healthcare. 

Your monetary donation to the Treasure Beach Clinic provides funds to renovate the full-time clinic as well as provide equipment, supplies, treatment, and testing to thousands of individuals based in Treasure Beach Jamaica

Be a part of this amazing project. Sign up as a volunteer physician or medical student and play a significant role in bringing fast and needed health care to this amazing community. Experience the feeling of “Community” while knowing your action has the ability to bless an entire village.

Jamaica Clinic is dedicated to providing healthcare opportunities to those in need. Over the past twelve years, the program has brought hundreds of doctors, nurses, and medical students to Treasure Beach Jamaica, where they have provided treatment and testing to thousands of individuals

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